Ana dgh
2 mins. ago (E)
لطفا پست جدید پیج بلاک فارسی در تویتر رو
ریتویتت 🔃


Sania Mirza
3 hours ago
Bitcoin was trading at $24,152 at the time Jim Cramer warned everyone to sell.
It is currently trading at $43,209.
Mahdi Mirzaei
2 days ago
The latest update of the Favoom project:

A massive marketing campaign will begin soon.

The request to list the FAV token in CMC was made.

_ The FAV token is placed on the BASE network (the second layer of Ethereum) with close to zero fees.

_ Audit and KYC are in progress.

Planning for the first round of pre-sale has been done on a big website.

The platform is in final completion, only a few small updates remain.
zahraarman asadi
3 days ago
Favoom is launching an Ambassador Program & actively searching for exceptional individuals to co-build #favoom .com
3 days ago
Favoom is launching an Ambassador Program & actively searching for exceptional individuals to co-build #favoom .com
Interested in becoming a FavoomOfficial, Ambassador to spread $FAV in your country and beyond, even to the moon? #post2earn #refer2earn #Web3 https://t.me/favoomOfficia... https://x.com/FavoomOffici...
Ana dgh
3 days ago

نقشه راه سیدرا برای رفتن سمت 2000 دلار
Mahdi Shekari
5 days ago
Favoom is launching an Ambassador Program & actively searching for exceptional individuals to co-build #favoom .com
Interested in becoming a FavoomOfficial, Ambassador to spread $FAV in your country and beyond, even to the moon? #post2earn #refer2earn #Web3 https://t.me/favoomOfficia... https://x.com/FavoomOffici...
5 days ago
Gee, the world's first blockchain-powered short video Web3 app! Here's a beginner's guide:

🎬 Visit https://gee.bio/register?k... and download the app (launching on April 15) to start exploring!

💰 Ways to earn:

1.💎 Earn tokens for watching videos
2.👑 Earn more rewards by holding NFTs and watching short videos
3.🎁 Watching short videos on Gee for 20 consecutive days can earn you NFT rewards
4.😊 Upload engaging videos to earn tokens

🚀 Join the revolution in short video sharing and start earning rewards on Gee today! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
7 days ago
The best cryptocurrency news website is subjective and depends on personal preferences. Some popular ones include:

Coin Telegraph
The Block

It's recommended to read multiple sources to get a well-rounded understanding of the crypto industry.

#cryptocurrency #CRYPTO #news
10 days ago
TON Community Weekly Digest
Here's a roundup of the most exciting news from the past seven days in The Open Network (TON) Ecosystem.
Network Growth:
▪️ The number of registered accounts on TON grew from 3,779,639 to 3,842,227 (+1.6%) between November 20 and November 26, 2023.
Ecosystem News:
▪️ The Open League, a community proposal aimed at distributing TON-backed user incentives to acquire five million users in the next twelve months, recently concluded its voting phase on TON.Vote with 99.5617% in favor of the proposal. Read more here (https://t.me/toncoin/1065)...
▪️ Tap Fantasy launch
11 days ago
📲Binance - https://bit.ly/3QJYLpw ($100 )
📲Okx - https://bit.ly/3KD7W7F You can get up to $10000 mystery box in BTC
📲Mexc - bit.ly/3Yw4fWW You can get up to $130 in BTC
📲Bybit -- https://bit.ly/3s2n9IK You can get up to $5010 in BTC
📲Kucoin -- https://bit.ly/4421qOA You can get up to $1000 in BTC
📲BITGET - bit.ly/3YAfFJp -Bonuses up to $5005

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Mahdi Mirzaei
12 days ago
BASE Chain network profile to add on web3 wallets like Metamask

BASE CHAIN information 👇👇

URL: https://goerli.base.org

Network Name: Base Goerli Testnet

RPC URL: https://goerli.base.org

Chain ID: 84531

Currency Symbol: ETH
Mahdi Shekari
12 days ago
Binance users pull more than $1 billion from the exchange after CEO leaves, pleads guilty

Outflows from Binance
have amounted to more than $1 billion in the past 24 hours, not including bitcoin, according to data from blockchain ******* ysis firm Nansen, after founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao stepped down and pleaded guilty Tuesday in a deal with the Department of Justice.

Meanwhile, liquidity has dropped 25% over the same time frame as market makers pull back their positions, according to data provider Kaiko.
12 days ago
Sam Bankman-Fried’s Life Behind Bars: Crypto Tips and Paying With Fish

According to WSJ, SBF was locked in a cell with former Honduran president and former Mexican police chief, who were involved in drugs. The SBF also provided cryptocurrency advice to the guards. SBF's sentencing will take place on March 28, 2024.
12 days ago
Do Kwon (Terra Founder) Extradition Approved

Extradition Approved in Montenegro: A Montenegrin court approved the extradition of Terra founder Do Kwon to South Korea or the U.S. Kwon was arrested in March at Podgorica airport with falsified documents.
Mahdi Shekari
13 days ago
✅ Official smart contract address:

BASE: 0xBa91DdD86db4387598d91310fD873D823af278dA
Symbol: FAV
Decimal: 18
Wonderland479 nft
13 days ago
Wonderland479 nft
13 days ago
Wonderland479 nft
13 days ago
Mahdi Shekari
13 days ago
💬✅ Have enough reasons to feel good and enthusiastic in life and start adding these reasons to gain the spiritual strength necessary for success and happiness, to experience a higher quality life and more wealth, and if you have enough thirst and will to fulfill Get your dreams and implement the laws of the world correctly, the realization of your logical desires will be certain

Thanks God 💖
Mahdi Shekari
13 days ago
🖼 User claims $11M in Blur token rewards at NFT marketplace’s season 2 airdrop

A pseudonymous nonfungible token (NFT) trader made around $11 million in the recent airdrop reward distribution conducted by the NFT marketplace Blur. Dune **** ytics data showed that a wallet with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) tag called “hanwe.eth” claimed a total of 22,851,000 Blur (BLUR) tokens in the season two airdrop of Blur. At the time of writing, coin price tracker CoinGecko showed the amount is worth around $11.2 million.
Ana dgh
13 days ago
✅لیست اپلیکیشن های که هر روز بایستی سر بزنید و گزینه ماین فعال کنید

❤️over wallet
Mahdi Shekari
13 days ago
💥The ōRouters automatically form a mesh network. You can charge to relay messages but ōRouters connected to the internet earn more ōCash allowing the message to get broadcast all over the world 💖💪🟥🟩🟨
Mahdi Shekari
13 days ago
🇨🇳 Shanghai emerges as a leader in metaverse development

Shanghai has been recognized as a top global metaverse city, with smart applications in the areas of tourism, urban development and medical services. This aspect was highlighted at the first World Metaverse Developer Conference (WMDC2023) in downtown Huangpu District on Wednesday, where the "2023 Metaverse City White Paper" was released. The white paper predicts that by 2025, the metaverse city industry will surpass the milestone of 100 billion yuan (US$14 billion).


🔹 Metaverse_Defi_Nfts_Trading 🔹
13 days ago
Whats your Favourite blockchain network?

Add more if it's not listed here!

Ethereum network

Binance Smart chain

Bitcoin Network





1 people voted
13 days ago
Hello! The latest Cardano Community newsletter is out! This time with special info! Subscribe via
cardano.org to read about all the updates from across the project and from IOHK, the Cardano Foundation and EMURGO!

Check it out on the forum: https://forum.cardano.org/...
13 days ago
Hey Solana community, are you ready to build?

The Solana Hacker House World Tour is back for more!

More cities. More projects. More glass chewing.

Find out where the crew is headed next and register:


If you’re interested in joining a Solana Hacker House, you must register ahead of time. Each house has limited capacity, so submit your application early!
13 days ago
Solana 🤝 Hong Kong 🇭🇰

The Solana community made #HackerHouseHongKong a huge success! Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas, built, and joined us this week.

Make sure to give all the teams who pitched and demoed today some love!

13 days ago
Hello, and Happy Monday! 

Please enjoy the Cardano Community Digest, which you will receive every two weeks.

In this week’s edition, we cover:

- Join a Local Cardano Summit Community-led Event
- 100 Extra Tickets Released for Day 1 of Cardano Summit 2023
- The Summit App Is Available To Download
- The Role OF The Cardano Foundation in the Ecosystem
- Simplifying Cardano DApp development with Demeter
- Cardano Spot: Live from Dubai - Exclusive Coverage of Cardano Summit 2023

and more

13 days ago
The Cardano Foundation is unwavering in its commitment to furthering the goals of CIP-1694 and steering #Cardano towards a fully decentralized on-chain governance system. Explore the specifics of our involvement in the Cardano ballot.

🧵Full thread below 👇

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