1 month ago
Come join the fun and earn an airdrop! Nyan Heroes is unleashing an exhilarating Early Access Play-to-Airdrop, where piloting mechs earns MEOWS, opening the gateway to $NYAN riches in a thrilling blend of combat and reward. Join here and enter the reference code for a bonus 400 MEOWS: https://missions.nyanheroe...
reference code: musik84junkie
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2 months ago
good day favoom fam. #favoom
Zahraarman asadi
2 months ago
The best project ❤️💙❤️💙❤️
4 months ago
Merry Christmas favoom fam. Happy festive season to all 🎄🎄🎄🎄 #favoom #xmas
4 months ago
Good day and happy Friday to all. #favoom
Mahdi Mirzaei
4 months ago
🢔 فروش ویژه Favoom در gempad :

🔵 TIER پلاتین🔵


نرخ فروش ویژه: 250K/1 ETH 🔥
نرخ Dex: 150K/1 ETH 🔥

🢔 KYC و حسابرسی ✅
🢔 انصراف از قرارداد✅
🢔 مالیات خرید و فروش 0/0✅
🢔 لیست CMC ارسال شد ✅
🢔 فهرست CEX (گیت و بایننس)

مسابقه بزرگ هدیه:
FAV$ خود را در لیست سفید ایمن کنید، یک برنده خوش شانس به ارزش 1 ETH FAV$ دریافت خواهد کرد.
Abbas12 Skalw
4 months ago
🟢The Massive Press Release For Favoom Has Just Begun🟢
🎙️ Introducing Favoom – Where Social Networking Meets Blockchain Innovation

Favoom has launched the first-ever, fully decentralized, and Web3-integrated social media service, combining digital networking with the benefits of blockchain technology
4 months ago
4 months ago (E)
The future is bright #favoom ✨🌙🚀
Mahdi Shekari
5 months ago
Favoom × CoinMarketCap Listing Submitted ✅

#favoom #FAV #CoinMarketCap #CMC #1000xgem #Web3SocialMedia
Mahdi Mirzaei
5 months ago
The latest update of the Favoom project:

A massive marketing campaign will begin soon.

The request to list the FAV token in CMC was made.

_ The FAV token is placed on the BASE network (the second layer of Ethereum) with close to zero fees.

_ Audit and KYC are in progress.

Planning for the first round of pre-sale has been done on a big website.

The platform is in final completion, only a few small updates remain.