3 months ago
TON Community Weekly Digest
Here's a roundup of the most exciting news from the past seven days in The Open Network (TON) Ecosystem.
Network Growth:
▪️ The number of registered accounts on TON grew from 3,779,639 to 3,842,227 (+1.6%) between November 20 and November 26, 2023.
Ecosystem News:
▪️ The Open League, a community proposal aimed at distributing TON-backed user incentives to acquire five million users in the next twelve months, recently concluded its voting phase on TON.Vote with 99.5617% in favor of the proposal. Read more here (https://t.me/toncoin/1065)...
▪️ Tap Fantasy launch
3 months ago
TON Diamonds (https://ton.diamonds/) is a curated NFT marketplace for global digital artists and top-tier collections on the TON Blockchain. Its mission is to bridge the gap between conventional art and the digital realm, empowering artists to thrive within the Web3 ecosystem.
Earlier this month, the spotlight was on TON Diamonds as the OCTOPUS BOYZ (https://ton.diamonds/colle... NFT collection was featured in a music video (https://www.youtube.com/wa... by the renowned rap artist, Allj. However, this isn't the only highlight in their
3 months ago
Hello, and Happy Monday! 

Please enjoy the Cardano Community Digest, which you will receive every two weeks.

In this week’s edition, we cover:

- Join a Local Cardano Summit Community-led Event
- 100 Extra Tickets Released for Day 1 of Cardano Summit 2023
- The Summit App Is Available To Download
- The Role OF The Cardano Foundation in the Ecosystem
- Simplifying Cardano DApp development with Demeter
- Cardano Spot: Live from Dubai - Exclusive Coverage of Cardano Summit 2023

and more

3 months ago
Tap Fantasy launches on TON
Tap Fantasy (https://tapfantasy.io/#/), the pioneering large-scale ACG MMORPG, is now live on TON.
Tap Fantasy's integration into the TON Ecosystem is notable for several reasons:
▪️ It received a grant from the TON Foundation (https://ton.foundation/), highlighting its potential.
▪️ First project to launch an IDO on TonUp (https://tonup.io/) and the game's token, MC, sold out in just thirty minutes.
▪️ MC token is now listed on Megaton (https://megaton.fi/) and STON.fi, ranking fourth in Total Value Locked (TVL) across the TON Ecosystem.
▪️ Its NFT presale
Mehdi Babajani
10 months ago
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Xenon's Crypto Gang
10 months ago (E)
Hello there #favoom community. We are overwhelmed to be a part of the Favoom Ecosystem.
@mz63 Thanks a lot for this #company page.
We are Xenon's Crypto Gang and our aim is a #CRYPTO -literate society.
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Sina Alisedaghat
10 months ago
🎉🎉 ZNS Domain is now officially Listed on the #zkSync Ecosystem

ZNS Domian service offers:
✅ Lifetime domains with no renewal fees
✅ IPFS-powered websites
✅ Unlimited free subdomains


Coming soon:
🔜 Web3 social platform based on ZNS accounts #Lens
🔜 P2P encrypted
Mohammad Hosseinmardi
12 months ago
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Ventures Coin is a Free Mining App that practices donations to people suffering, increasing the value of coins through various Ecosystem Platforms.

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Svetlana Bogdanova
12 months ago
Блокчейн Atlantis, то есть «Atlantis Chain», будет запущен для майнинга на этой неделе. Наш сайт обновлен по адресу: https://atlantis.ws

Проект Атлантис от казначейства С Ш А и поддержкой ООН
КриптоБиржа Токины Майнинг(железо) Экосистема и тд.
Регистрация в проекте свободная ограничений для участников из России никаких нет.При выводе денег нужно пройти простой КУС

#blockchain #ecosystem #AtlantisChain #Atlantis
1 yr. ago
The world’s first AI ecosystem token is live.
Reza 1980
1 yr. ago
Launched in May 2021 and migrated to BSC in January 2022, Atlantis Coin (Symbol: ATC) is a GREEN cryptocurrency designed for metaverse applications and served as the native token for MetaPay.
As a corporate project, its ecosystem is developed in accordance with the latest blockchain technology from MIT  and Harvard University..


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